Mission and vision

Surprise your guests with a different world

We also like to call event engineering Imagineering: making sure that your visitors, relations, partners and customers enter a ‘different’ world. This world is created by Van der Veen with creative concepts for live communication. Concepts that stimulate the principal senses and that have an impact on emotion and perception.

We believe that Imagineering represents a new approach. In a fast moving environment where trends follow each other up at a high pace, we aim to surprise your target audience with light, sound and vision, thereby ensuring that your communication continues to linger as a unique memory. And we are proud of the fact that we manage to do that, time and again.

Making people move requires partnership with you as the client. Since we pursue long-term and future proof relationships in which we are eager to show our continuous urge for innovation. All that with the aim of meeting and exceeding your desires and expectations, particularly those of your target audience.

In order to realise this, we offer a comprehensive service: we can be contacted 24/7, we offer you one single point of contact, we will always find a solution to any situation and we are flexible in the delivery of our products. Even if you need those products within one hour.